It’s just horrible if you snap your key in a car lock or ignition.

You will need to call up an auto locksmith to extract the broken key part and give you a replacement key.

But that’s what we’re here for. Call us up if you are stuck in this situation. We are experts in the fine art of extraction of snapped keys. We do it all for the best possible price as well!

We take this situation very serious so we send out our best auto locksmiths and then we use tools such as needles and wedges that are specialised for extracting the snapped key and we use compressed air to clear any obstructions. Usually people tend to spray cleaners or lubricants but the chemicals will damage your lock. So make sure you call us before trying anything that can result in a broken lock.

It takes a skilled knowledge of ignition barrels and door locks to extract the broken key and reassemble your lock. We try our best to use non-destructive methods but sometimes there are occasions where there is a small particle of the key in the lock or ignition so we will have to replace the lock all together. Don’t worry though as both methods are really safe, they won’t damage the car itself and they are both extremely cheap!

Once we remove the broken key we will have to get you a new key of course. So if you want more information on getting a replacement key, talk to us, we can supply keys for most car makes and models.

The price of all this together is cheaper than you will find anywhere else. We have a fast and reliable service and we always come out with great results. Never have we ever ended up making the situation worse and damaging the lock.

We will not replace your lock unless absolutely necessary. We take pride in our work and will use traditional non destructive methods to extract the broken key wherever possible.

Call us now.