Are you locked out of your car?

Even worse do you have a pet dog or child locked in there as well? This is very scary and you will need quick assistance. Call us straight away and our professional auto locksmiths will assist you very quickly. One of our best services is emergency lockout assistance and we help out for a great price.

Our methods are 100% safe and we will not damage your car. If you try opening the doors yourself there is a huge risk of damaging the car and you may end up paying even more to repair the car than you can for our quick assistance. We have had so much experience in these situations and our qualified engineers will always find the best solutions. Our emergency lockout assistance team arrive to your location as fast as possible and then unlock your car just as fast. We use all the professional equipment needed not to damage your vehicle.

We can also give you a replacement key for a good price. However this can take longer than unlocking your car at the scene.

We use a professional method to lock pick your car without causing any harm to the car. We have special lock pick sets which can be used on old and newer makes and models. We have a special tool, automotive wrench, which puts pressure on the lock cylinder which makes it easier for the locksmith to pick the lock. This is a safe and reliable method that won’t affect your car especially the doors and windows. Other tools we may use is a long, thin metal strip called a Slim Jim which can be inserted in through the window or tools with loops at the end so we can pull up lock rods or the door handle.

Call us immediately if you get locked out of your car.


loked key

locked key in car